Windows 10 fix for Jane’s USAF PC game

This is one of my first loved flight simulators from the early days.  I just found a fix for playing the game in windows 10 so I decided to like for it.
Jane’s USAF – Wikipedia

Jane’s United States Air Force v1.02 Patch

Instructions are as follows :

1. Install the stock version of Jane’s USAF

2. Apply Jane’s Patch 1.02F

3. Apply Tackleberry’s Patch (just replace all files inside JUTPWSS.7z)

4. Run the game 🙂

5. you can add the SuperPro 9.4

6. If you don’t install the game in C drive, you will get this error

this is the fix:

It’s usually because you’ve installed to a drive other than C:

The default path when you install Super Pro is to your C: drive. If you’ve installed to a different drive you will need to either reinstall to C: drive or change the drive letter in the game files.

To change the drive letter you must change the paths in 3 files in USAF.

1. sim.ibx (Main USAFfolder)
2. tgen.ini (Mission folder)
3. CTM_DB.ini (Mission folder)

Open files with Word Pad (Word Pad has to search and replace, Note Pad doesn’t).Do a search and replace. Search for C: and in the Replace line enter what drive you put SP on. Click replace all. Then save.


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