This is the first close up photos of the Algerian CHL-903 system Electronic warfare (made by China 🇨🇳)

This complex system, which made its appearance at the end of last year in the Algerian arsenal, promises to revitalize electronic warfare within the ANP.

It is called the Integrated Electronic Warfare system of the Chinese companies ELINC and CEIC. There is very little documentation on this product, not to be confounded with the CHL-903 anti-aircraft jamming system. The newly introduced system is both passive, defensive and offensive. It was developed as a more modern derivative of the LDK-190 and is used to:

  • Detect enemy radio and radar emissions over a range of 600 km
    Determine the position, identify and classify enemy emissions over these distances
    Protect radars and anti-aircraft systems from anti-radiation missiles by “covering” the radar frequencies
    Block communications over a distance of 300 km
    Prohibit the use of GNSS satellite positioning systems (GPS, Baidu, Galileo, Glonass) by the enemy (air, sea, land) over a distance of 300 km
    jamming frequencies from 0.5 to 40 GHz
    Detect stealth aircraft and ships
    Detect drones that are remotely piloted and remove their data link with the ground
    Detect AEW aircraft over a distance of 500 km
    To “fry” some radio-electric equipment thanks to the directional emission power of 500 Kw

This is not the only electronic warfare system used by Algeria. The ANP combines an arsenal of Chinese and Russian equipment such as the Krashuka-4 and the Avtobaza.

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