A close look at Türkiye’s 5th generation stealth fighter jet National Combat Aircraft (MMU/TF-X)

The TAI TF-X (Turkish Fighter), alternatively named in Turkish as Milli Muharip Uçak (National Combat Aircraft), abbreviated as MMU, is a stealth, twin-engine, all-weather air superiority fighter in development by Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) and BAE Systems as its sub-contractor. The TF-X is planned to replace the F-16 Fighting Falcon aircraft of the Turkish Air Force and to be exported to foreign nations. It was officially announced that the TF-X’s prototype will be rolled out on 18 March 2023, and make its first flight by the end of 2023.  The taxiing and ground running tests of the prototype began two days before the scheduled roll-out, on March 16, 2023.

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