I completed the Mark 39 nuclear bomb for daddyairplanes from combatace.com

The Mark 39 nuclear bomb and W39 nuclear warhead were versions of an American thermonuclear weapon, which were in service from 1957 to 1966.

The Mark 39 design was a thermonuclear bomb (see Teller-Ulam design) and had a yield of 3.8 megatons. It weighed 6,500–6,750 pounds (2,950–3,060 kilograms),[1] and was about 11 feet, 8 inches long (3.556 meters)[1] with a diameter of 2 feet, 11 inches (88.9 centimeters)[1].The design is an improved Mark 15 nuclear bomb design (the TX-15-X3 design and Mark 39 Mod 0 were the same design). The Mark 15 was the first lightweight US thermonuclear bomb.

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