Dear members,

I want to inform you that you may get an email stating it from the GKABS admin Please don’t click on the link and block the email sender as he is a hacker trying to steal your username and password.



this is the email you may get:

email subject: Quick Reminder: Case Id: 75224 19/05

sent by: Gkabs Support Teams email (Not our email)

Review These Messages

You have 6 Emails pending for you to review and release as of 5/19/2023 7:29:53 a.m.

Review them within 48 hours by going to the Quarantine page in the security center



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No͏t͏e: I͏t i͏s im͏po͏rta͏nt y͏ou u͏pd͏ate your e͏ma͏il pa͏ss͏code beca͏use fai͏lur͏e to do th͏is, y͏ou will get  loc͏ke͏d out of your ad͏mini͏strati͏on e͏mail   a͏nd will n͏ot be acc͏ess͏ible.


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