Okay started working on the M-84 first step from many to come.

The M-84 is a Yugoslav third-generation MBT, a variant of the Soviet T-72. The M-84. Was used in the liberation of Kuwait by the Kuwaiti army.

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  1. Hi GKABS,
    My name is Polak and at the time I was a rather very active member of the SFP1/2 Community. Since last decade I switched to Falcon BMS. I was sent the link to your website and I was surprised to find how prolific and talented your 3D collection of models is. Would you be interested to join BMS as an honorary Dev Member and by doing so allow access to your wonderful models? We are doing quite extensive updating and continue to improve tour Sim. We would highly appreciate any kind of cooperation with you.

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    Ted aka Polak

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